Me, me, me and ME.

OH MY GOD!!! (yeah, the JANICE way) I just realized that I’m a self centered-narrow minded person. I may think about a lot of things (a.k.a CRAP), but there are just two things that act as the nuclei of all other thoughts that revolve around my mind: My lack of Arabian-Princess good looks (I REFUSE to say Greek  Goddess) and my inability to snatch a boyfriend.

If you would care to ponder about this for a moment, you would realize that it is the guys’ problem if they are too idiotic and retarded to get hypnotized, by those women who have been showered by God with all those sexy Arabian – Princess look (really God, WHAT were you thinking?!? did you like add the beauty ingredient  twice?!?)that they can’t see anything beyond that. And trust me, these replicas of Arabian princesses know how to make use of what they’ve got, oh yea.

But then, why should you ponder about this? It’s not like I’m a superstar, about whose life story you’re dying to know about. See? This is what I’m talking about. I really REALLY really have to learn to get over this problem.Maybe I should start worrying about more mature, important stuff. Global warming would be a good start, I think.


So... what do you think?

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