You know, when we start hating someone, we are so sure of the fact that we will go on hating them till the last breath of our body leaves us. We may not be sure if we will pass our 12th Board exams; may not know what we’re going to end up doing with our lives – but we know this – we will hate them with everything that we have.

And yet, one fine morning we wake up (will take years before we wake up to this morning, trust me – I’ve been there) realizing that it’s been months since we had the last hateful thought about that person; in fact, we’ve hardly even thought about this person at all- leave alone hateful thoughts!!

This realization is the most beautiful feeling one can ever experience – after falling in love I guess, but since I’ve  not been there yet, I’ll reserve judgment – its like a heavy, stinking, reeking load has been taken off your shoulders.

 Mind you, don’t expect yourself  to possess the ability to carry on friendly conversions with your ex-I-HATE-YOU-THE-MOST – simply because, you are not Jesus Christ. But you will find that, you don’t get the urge to punch this person right on their face just on principle. You actually find yourself with ability to be in the same room with this person for an entire function without the above mentioned urge!

I don’t know about you but, as far as I’m concerned, it’s very beautiful indeed if you find yourself not hating someone anymore. It is a sign that you have grown up and that you’ve moved on.

So for all those people out there who find themselves hating someone…. Don’t worry you will wake up one morning finding that you don’t hate them anymore.


One thought on “Moved On? CONGRATULATIONS!!”

  1. If a person has destroyed your feelings and you feel that your life for the next few months have been close to hell…trust me that person has an influence on your life for the rest of your life…!!
    The experience with that person has probably taught you something important…and i’m thankful to that person to be that worse person…only to teach me some things which are useful in my future…therefore i am happy that this person influenced my life and changed it…but a bit sad that it had to be a worse way of teaching me something..!! thanQ Sandra for bringing this out..!! 😀

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