A beautiful poem


Time of My Life

I don’t know how many of you have actually noticed this, but many Christians tend to take a very depressing and  boring outlook towards life. It’s  so absurd that I’m sure even Jesus didn’t have anything like it in his mind . The whole purpose of him going through all the humiliation and crucifixion was so that we humans would be set free. Set free from being slaves of Satan; He wanted us to love life and celebrate this beautiful gift of God. We surely didn’t deserve it, but he gave it to us anyway.

Sadly,  things have gone out of hands drastically. These days we tend to think of life on earth as something of a punishment. We are constantly being told to think of the after life. We tend to forget that to get to the other side – After life, we must first live our life HERE.  What is the point in Jesus’ crucifixion, if we keep restricting ourselves with the constant worry about our afterlife? Living our life does not include drugs, alcohol and other self destructive actions; it simply means to pray daily,keep doing things with a clear conscience and live cordially with other beings (human and otherwise).

After the long journey of life, when the time comes for you to leave to the other side,   you should be able to go with a smile on your lips and these words in your heart:

                        ” I’ve had the time of my life….

And I never felt this way before,

I swear this is true

And I owe it all to you”

Have a great day guys!!

Angels vs. Aliens

Life is beautiful. Whoever said otherwise, is a sad, sad person. Yes, I agree; there are many horrendous stuff happening in the world.  And yes, life is not a bed of roses. But I still say that life is beautiful. If not for anything else, for the simple fact that a species called “kids” still exist. Science may correct me, saying that there are no different species called “kids”; that they are merely the young of “Homo sapiens” – again, I disagree.  They cannot belong to the same species as us. They are too free with their smiles, sure of what they are and what they want, and when they love you, they don’t love you in quarters or halves; they love you completely. See? They are too different from us for them to belong to the same species as us. You can NEVER ever find an adult smile at you if your cars happen to be next to each other while caught in traffic. Only a child can do that. I’m telling you, this world would come to an end the moment kids seize to exist.

                                       A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on.

– Carl Sandburg

P.S: That does not mean that kids are angels in disguise. Oh no.  whoever said that, must have had a very sadistic sense of humor. They can be  irritating, intimidating know-it-all brats when they set their minds and hearts to it. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if my 9-year-old brother is an alien in disguise. So, no. They are not Angels or Aliens. But they make life here on earth (what is left of it,) beautiful.