Sad Human Beings

I’d been too lost in my own thoughts, to notice the hand that was creeping along my back. The snake-like movement snapped me back to reality. I turned around to look at the asshole who dared touch me. The asshole was the perfect picture of a Gentleman. He looked back at me as if he was ignorant of what his hand had just done. I gave him a warning look and turned back to the view outside the window. When you sit by the window seat, it is very easy to lose yourself to your own thoughts. And that is exactly what happened. Pretty soon, I was back to the thoughts I’d been forced to leave half completed, moments before.


Moments later, the hand was creeping along my back. Again. This time, I was not going to let it be. I grabbed the hand, and gave it a nice twist. I twisted until the asshole was screaming “Mercy”. Mind you, all this while, I did not utter a word. But I didn’t let go.

The bus came to a stop. The passengers gathered around us, asking me to let go. Finally, the asshole opened his vile mouth and said,” I am a respectable man. I normally don’t do these kinds of things. If only she had dressed more decently…It’s her clothes that tempted me!! I swear!!” This statement caught the attention of the mob. Their eyes were on me now. I could see the agreement dawn in their eyes. It was the way they were sizing me up. I knew then, that I wouldn’t find a soul to support me.

So I did the only thing I could. I kicked the asshole with all my might, where it would make him count stars, bent down and whispered into his ears, ” This is so that you wouldn’t be tempted to grope girls in short skirts anymore…” and I got out of the bus without saying a word.


There were a lot of middle-aged women donning a sari, in that bus. I wonder, how many Gentlemen lost the control of their libido at the sight of naked skin, and went ahead to grope them.

Sad, sad, human beings.



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