Thinking About You, On a Lazy Afternoon

I am writing this on a lazy afternoon,

When the rest of the world has gone on a siesta.

All this while, I can’t help but picture


Reading my words – probably on a lazy afternoon, very much like this one, with that half smile waiting to burst out of your lips, if you would just let them. It is because of the uneven shape of your upper lip, you know. You must probably be craving for a hot cup of coffee. I am right now. Craving for a cup of coffee, that is.

Are you picturing me writing this, huddled in front of my laptop, in my mum’s kitchen? The way   I am picturing you reading this, in my mind’s eye?I certainly hope you do, because right now, I can’t seem to get you out of my head. This is all about you. You, my dear friend, are the protagonist. You must be reading between the lines right now. There is nothing between the lines, for you to read here. It is all out in the open, if only you would open your eyes and read.

Oh, I think you should know –  My hair is braided right now. And the sunlight renders it a shade which is somewhere between dark brown and red. My sister told me so. And I am smiling – wide. 


Uncalled Pedestals

If you are anything like me, you would have the tendency of putting one person; any person that you think is superior to you, on to a pedestal. Once you place that person on to the pedestal, you start making excuses for all the shitty things they do. Whatever idea of theirs, however stupid it be, becomes your life credo. And then one fine day, it hits you right in your face that they are not what they seemed to be. That the greatness you associated to them, was nothing but fictional and in your head.

 No one, absolutely no one, deserves a pedestal as long as they are human. Human? They are bound to be stupid one way, or another. The day I figured this out, I felt as light as a Dandelion.

 If there is anyone that you have put on a pedestal, I think it is time you pulled them down to earth, with you; beside you – where they belong. The pedestals are uncalled for.


The whole universe seems dead bent on shoving good luck right under your nose, if only you were to grab it:

The rare lucky clove;

An eyelash, maybe two;

At night you look up the sky

And there it is –

The lonely wishing star;

It seems to say “make the wish, stupid girl!” And you know you won’t make the wish; because you saw the ominous cloud that was inches away from hiding the wishing star.

Of all the signs the universe not-so-subtly shoved under your nose, you decided to read the cloud.

It was less romantic –

Hence more trustworthy.

Who cares for drama like Happily ever afters?

Life is a blockbuster thriller movie, thank you very much.

YOU You and I

The day YOU decided to open I’s eyes to the pseudo hiatus

I saw ‘I’self – nothing.

I had shrunk to vacum.

And then You walked away because You didn’t want to deal with it.

I did not ask You to deal with it.

During those days when You couldn’t look I in the eye

Began I’s baby lessons on self worth.

Letting go.

I learned when to be there and when to let go.

I just wants You to keep in mind that You weren’t

Fun to be with either.

You skulked as well.

I decided to stay. To pull You through.

That is the difference between the “mature” You and the immature I.

That it’s not about fun all the time.

I has to say I is thankful to YOU for starting the chain reaction

I now understands YOU created the hiatus

To bury I in it

To dispose I off.

YOU needed I around no longer.

Well I realized that YOU is not as great as YOU and I thought YOU to be.

That I can survive without YOU.

So if YOU and You are having fun together,

Good for YOU You.

But there is one thing I has to puke out

That thing about YOU You and space was a lie

And I hopes YOU You realize it someday.

I is letting YOU You go. Like a kite.

Return to I if YOU You are meant to.