YOU You and I

The day YOU decided to open I’s eyes to the pseudo hiatus

I saw ‘I’self – nothing.

I had shrunk to vacum.

And then You walked away because You didn’t want to deal with it.

I did not ask You to deal with it.

During those days when You couldn’t look I in the eye

Began I’s baby lessons on self worth.

Letting go.

I learned when to be there and when to let go.

I just wants You to keep in mind that You weren’t

Fun to be with either.

You skulked as well.

I decided to stay. To pull You through.

That is the difference between the “mature” You and the immature I.

That it’s not about fun all the time.

I has to say I is thankful to YOU for starting the chain reaction

I now understands YOU created the hiatus

To bury I in it

To dispose I off.

YOU needed I around no longer.

Well I realized that YOU is not as great as YOU and I thought YOU to be.

That I can survive without YOU.

So if YOU and You are having fun together,

Good for YOU You.

But there is one thing I has to puke out

That thing about YOU You and space was a lie

And I hopes YOU You realize it someday.

I is letting YOU You go. Like a kite.

Return to I if YOU You are meant to.


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