Uncalled Pedestals

If you are anything like me, you would have the tendency of putting one person; any person that you think is superior to you, on to a pedestal. Once you place that person on to the pedestal, you start making excuses for all the shitty things they do. Whatever idea of theirs, however stupid it be, becomes your life credo. And then one fine day, it hits you right in your face that they are not what they seemed to be. That the greatness you associated to them, was nothing but fictional and in your head.

 No one, absolutely no one, deserves a pedestal as long as they are human. Human? They are bound to be stupid one way, or another. The day I figured this out, I felt as light as a Dandelion.

 If there is anyone that you have put on a pedestal, I think it is time you pulled them down to earth, with you; beside you – where they belong. The pedestals are uncalled for.


One thought on “Uncalled Pedestals”

  1. This is sooo true…! And definitely, story of my bloody life! :-/
    And I want to feel like a dandelion too… 😐

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