Thinking About You, On a Lazy Afternoon

I am writing this on a lazy afternoon,

When the rest of the world has gone on a siesta.

All this while, I can’t help but picture


Reading my words – probably on a lazy afternoon, very much like this one, with that half smile waiting to burst out of your lips, if you would just let them. It is because of the uneven shape of your upper lip, you know. You must probably be craving for a hot cup of coffee. I am right now. Craving for a cup of coffee, that is.

Are you picturing me writing this, huddled in front of my laptop, in my mum’s kitchen? The way   I am picturing you reading this, in my mind’s eye?I certainly hope you do, because right now, I can’t seem to get you out of my head. This is all about you. You, my dear friend, are the protagonist. You must be reading between the lines right now. There is nothing between the lines, for you to read here. It is all out in the open, if only you would open your eyes and read.

Oh, I think you should know –  My hair is braided right now. And the sunlight renders it a shade which is somewhere between dark brown and red. My sister told me so. And I am smiling – wide. 


One thought on “Thinking About You, On a Lazy Afternoon”

  1. Sandra’s classic signature… her darling Cup of Coffee… what best adds to the romantic mood, huh?! 🙂

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