Welcome to The Vortex

Hold my hand;
plunge in
to the vortex
and let’s just turn and turn and turn and turn
and make it all black.

Never let go
of words;
of our hands so joined in this
light sucking tangerined black.
close your eyes.
and you will see.
I see.
golden firefly fairies
forming You, Me
and all the words in between.

All the words that got scattered into the gyre like tiny red seeds before they were remembered,
killing Time
stuck on the ceiling fan.
it turns too.
right to the black dot in the centre.
we’re in it.


And What Do You Say to That: A response to Carlos


This is just to say
The plums
in the ice box
that you ate

and which
you found
so delicious
and so sweet

were left
for you to enjoy
and devour.


Note to the reader:

This particular poem is in response to William Carlos Williams’s quite famous poem “This is just to say”. And it can be found here: https://www.poets.org/poetsorg/poem/just-say