Every person needs a space which is theirs, and theirs alone. A space where they are not judged for what they have to say. This is that space for me. This is a space for me to write things that matter to me, in the way I like. I  believe in words that come from the heart; the kind that tells you that, someone out there has fought the same demons, the same breathlessness these dragons leave in your chest, and that you are not alone. The kind of words that just enfold you into a tight hug. I hope my words will be that to you; if not a hug, at least a smile. 🙂



5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Sandra Eliswa
    i am ready. IO SONO PRONTo.
    17 June at 13:55 · Like.

    Claudio Lazzarotto
    @Sandra Can you please send me an e-mail to info@gannetschool.it ?
    17 June at 17:12 · Like

    Did you get this message by Facebook?

  2. Well, I know a Sandra slightly different than what’s said here. Short for sure (wink) but with a big heart that’s sensitive to the feeling and secrets of others 🙂 above all a great cousin.

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